OIC of Oklahoma County
Circa 2004

This was the website for the Opportunities Industrialization Center of Oklahoma County, Inc. Their current website is at www.oicofoklahomacounty.okpls.org/. Visit this site for information regarding their programs, their tutor center, and other relevant information for students seeking their services.
The content below is from the site's 2004 archived pages.

Welcome to OIC 2004 

The mission of the Opportunities Industrialization Center of Oklahoma County, Inc. (OIC) is to provide individualized services, education and skills training. 


OIC of Oklahoma County is deeply rooted in the Oklahoma City community. Thousands of former students, staff members, board members and others who are familiar with the agency, continue to lend their support in a variety of ways. As the needs of the community changes, OIC will remain dedicated to helping others recognize that they can help themselves.

Business Hours - 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


OIC then OIC now


OIC is a 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax deductible and deeply appreciated by the OIC Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Auxiliary, and Staff. Call today to schedule an appointment for a tour of our facilities.

The owner of DD CleanItJanitorial, a business providing office cleaning jobs to local residents was impressed enough with what the OIC is doing that he decided to donate supplies to the organization and advice to the OIC students interested in learning about or / and entering the janitorial services industry. There are skills to be learned besides cleaning, sweeping and mopping, spot cleaning, and window cleaning that most people associate with a cleaning service. Odor removal, carpet steam cleaning, floor refinishing, metal polishing, and even graffiti removal require more that some soap and a brush. Learning about the various cleaning products to use for specific problems is half the learning curve. Keep up the great work, OIC. We salute you.

Programs Offered

OIC accepts students from age 16 years and above. Courses may be offered at no or low cost to the student dependent upon contract restrictions. Services are provided to citizens residing throughout Oklahoma, Cleveland, Logan and Canadian counties. The novelty of our programs lie in their self-paced format. Students are evaluated based solely on their specific needs. Utilizing the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE), students begin working in the classroom on those areas for which they need the greatest attention. Programs currently offered include: 

General Educational Development (GED)
for out-of-school youth and adults who wish to prepare for the GED test and obtain their high school equivalency. 

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
designed to help those seeking improvement in the areas of writing, reading, math and life skills. 

Computer Software Applications (CSA)
comprehensive clerical support staff training using Windows, Office, Corel Suite, and other programs. Advanced-level training offered from the following clusters: Health/Medical, Accounting/Finance, Data Entry, Customer Service, Legal or General. Internships and Job Placement assistance incorporated for long-term training. Long and short-term courses are available.

TANF Literacy
provides literacy training for non- and low-readers; funding provided by the Department of Human Services and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. Emphasis placed on clients referred by the Department of Human Services. 

Life Skills
provides information for students to become better parents, employees, and individuals. Classes addresses problems and needs encountered in everyday life. Required for TANF clients, unless waived by DHS Case Manager. 

Career Education & Assessment (CEA)
To prepare OIC graduates for the "next step" of their lives whether entering the workforce, attending college or other training program. Students participate in career surveys to provide clear direction, matching interests with opportunities.

Drug Education & Prevention
conducted through Life Skills and Group Guidance sessions, drug prevention is an ever-present part of every OIC program. Activities culminate to Red Ribbon Week for celebration and awareness. 

Workforce Literacy
OIC is also available to provide testing and/or training for companies and their employees. Temporary/Short-Term computer software courses are offered, as well as grade level/reading tests and other programs that can be tailored to the needs of the business. 

Target Population

OIC Mission Statement
The mission of the Opportunities Industrialization Center of Oklahoma County, Inc. (OIC) is to provide individualized services, education and skills training. 


Education and skills training is a foundation for financial independence.
Self-discipline, teamwork, and leadership can be learned.
Honesty and integrity are not compromised.
Respect is earned.
Achievement is recognized and rewarded.
Success is measured by student achievement. 

The Opportunities Industrialization Center of Oklahoma County, Inc. (OIC) is a solvent, growing organization with a committed board, volunteer corps, and staff that has an established partnership with businesses, governmental agencies, and other non-profit and educational institutions. Businesses represented on the board give generously in support of the agency. Skills training and education classes are enhanced, where students participate in internships and receive scholarships to institutes of higher education. The facility is conducive to learning, handicapped accessible, and transportation is available. 

Any person age 16 years old or above is eligible for agency programs. Courses may be offered at no or low cost to the individual and/or business and industry. The only student-paid cost associated with training is a $10.00 processing fee prior to orientation. 

The short-term computer training courses are assessed on a different scale, depending upon training topic. Interested students should contact OIC directly to determine cost for training. 

Students referred by the Department of Human Services for Literacy classes are not required to pay the processing fee. 

Services are provided to citizens residing throughout Oklahoma County and surrounding areas. 

Monies are received from the state, federal, and local government entities, as well as private donations from business, industry, and individuals. The agency continues to apply for foundation and grant funds dedicated to nonprofit educational fulfillment. 

A summary of private supporters and board-represented companies includes the following:

  • INTEGRIS Health
  • United Parcel Services (UPS)
  • SMC Construction
  • IBC Bank
  • O.G.&E+ Services
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas
  • General Motors Corporation

OIC maintains an Endowment Fund with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation valued at $228,910.00 (June 30, 2003). est. 1979. 

OIC awards scholarships totaling $5,000 per year annually to graduates pursuing additional educational opportunities. Scholarship funds are provided by the Oklahoma City Community Foundation Non-Traditional Scholars program. 


OIC was born out of the urgent needs of the people to secure education and training skills for gainful employment. Too many disadvantaged citizens were unable to vie for worthwhile positions, unable to make the career changes and plans that others would take for granted. Realizing that many of these citizens were minorities, barriers first needed to be broken down giving them access to beneficial employment. Again, it became evident that skills were needed by those for whom employment doors were opened. 

To answer these cries for help, the Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America (OIC/A) was founded in 1964 by Reverend Leon H. Sullivan and four hundred concerned ministers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The first OIC was dedicated on a cold January day in an old abandoned jailhouse, renovated using the nickels, dimes and quarters of people in the community--and an anonymous grant. Industry gave its support by contributing equipment, machines and technical assistance. Finally, a program that would bring the jobs and the unemployed together was created. 

Since that historic day in 1964, OIC began spreading across America. In December, 1966 just two years later, the self-help concept of OIC reached Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where the late Dr. Charles N. Atkins and a group of citizens opened the doors to the local affiliate, OIC of Oklahoma County. There was no model that OIC could turn to for guidance. The program Dr. Sullivan envisioned would be the first of its kind. So, with the shared foresight of Dr. Atkins and others, OIC chartered its own course in developing programs that would reach those who needed education and training most: the disadvantaged members of the community who were unemployed, underemployed, without means and often without hope. 

OIC of Oklahoma County is located at 400 North Walnut Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The facility is a 16,000 square foot brick building. In the late 1800s, the site was a war department military post established to maintain order until the territorial government was formed. 

From inception through June 30, 2004 the OIC of Oklahoma County has served approximately 22,748 individuals. Although the programs have often been changed to provide for the needs of the citizens we serve, the Mission has always remained clear: To provide individualized services, education, and skills training to any who would need a special place--and a special staff--that could help make their dreams of a better, more prepared future.